Seeing all Seven

When you are offered the opportunity to go to Antarctica, you know this could be your chance to see all seven continents. At least, that’s what I thought when I was asked to go with Coca-Cola in 2003. Now, 12 years later as we entered Australia, I’ve seen all seven. Even in the current state of … Continue reading Seeing all Seven

Yarra Valley Bliss….

Wow.  What a fantastic day yesterday.  I have been looking forward to catching up with old friends when we get to Melbourne and yesterday was a perfect day of doing that.  We spent this beautiful Sunday visiting wineries, a brewery for lunch,  a dairy, and an artisan chocolate factory with our great friends The Gillies and The … Continue reading Yarra Valley Bliss….

The city that stays with you

We’ve spent the last two days exploring Melbourne, specifically the CBD (central business district, aka downtown). The first day was all about finding the best views and riding their trams around town. It’s a relatively new city (like American cities versus European) with a mix of beautiful Victorian architecture alongside ultra-modern skyscrapers. The second day … Continue reading The city that stays with you

Raining in the Redwoods

This is totally out of order, but I wanted to include this cool story of California Redwoods in New Zealand. So, about a hundred years ago, the country was looking for the fastest growing trees to produce timber. They imported several different types, grew and studied them here. Although a pine variety ultimately won out, … Continue reading Raining in the Redwoods