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  1. Of course today is the day after Halloween. While many children woke up with the priority of looking for their bag of candy, Lumi stated with passion… “MOM! Luke leaves on his trip today!” We are SO very excited for all three of you to get out and see breathtaking vistas, meet a few absolutely unforgettable people, and to also realize that you have unique gifts and strength within. I’ll be tuning in! Much love.


    1. I have been following your blog and your trip and I am so intrigued. You’ve got me wondering, too, how I could travel the globe!!! I have been wondering what you were doing about school for Luke. Your post today mentioned home school. So, will he be able to re-enter his age appropriate grade when he gets back? I have twin 8-year olds in 3rd grade. I love reading about your stops! Keep it coming.


      1. Alyson, Hello! I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog. Luke’s school was so supportive of our trip and they provided us with many curriculum materials so we could teach him second grade during our journey. We registered as a homeschool family in Georgia and he will re-enter third grade at his school next August. I would highly recommend looking into a long-term trip. It’s been an amazing learning experience for Luke (and for us!)


  2. Hello Suzanne,
    I just heard your family speak of your RTW trip! Wow! That is so amazing! My husband and I are planning our own RTW trip for this upcoming fall.
    I would love to get in touch with you and talk more about your experience. We want to do some volunteering as well and I know you mentioned that you did a lot through churches. We are both believers and that is very important for us as well.
    Please let me know how I can reach you.
    Thank you.


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