What We Are Bringing Home

Today is the last day of our adventure, and we fly home tomorrow from London. I am doing lots of reflecting and reminiscing about all the great experiences we had on this trip…people we met, places we saw, new foods and new adventures taking us out of our rut and onto our own ledge. I … Continue reading What We Are Bringing Home

Unabashed Anglophiles

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone who knows us that we have LOVED spending our final weeks in England. It’s my home away from home and I never get tired of the beautiful countryside, magnificent castles and museums to suit everyone’s interests (for free!) I’d like to make a quick plug for … Continue reading Unabashed Anglophiles

Beginning of the End

I can’t believe we only have one week left of this epic adventure. We have so many memories, things to process and reflect on, but my engineering mind says we must start posting more stats and superlatives first. So, here are the second half of the trip stats and superlatives updates. You can find the first … Continue reading Beginning of the End

10,000 Reasons

In an Oxford church this morning, I was overcome with humble gratitude for the gift that this journey has been. Not only have we kept our health, our safety and our wits (mostly) intact, our family has been crazy blessed by this experience we’ve had together. Our conversations have now turned to reflection, reminiscing about our … Continue reading 10,000 Reasons

Dog Days of Summer

I’ve heard it’s hot in Georgia, but the weather in my home away from home has been pretty perfect. Mitch and I lived in Richmond, England, just outside London, from 2004-2006 and they were some of the happiest years of my life. Those two years grew us in many ways and sparked a lifetime love of not … Continue reading Dog Days of Summer

Beer around the World

Most who know me will know that I like a good beer on occasion. So as we traveled the world, I decided to archive my ales. Beer is universal, so I could find a brew on most menus regardless of where we were. Every country has their own “Beer Standards” like Chang in Thailand, Kingfisher … Continue reading Beer around the World

A Week in Provence

If you’ve read any books about the south of France and the vibrant Provencal region, you probably know about the fields of lavender that dot the countryside in the Luberon just east of Avignon. If your timing is just right, the weather cooperates, and you find yourself here in mid-June, you are rewarded with heavenly … Continue reading A Week in Provence

La Dolce Vita

We just couldn’t stay away from Italy and spent a few weeks in the northern part of the country after our adventures in the south (with a quick diversion to Barcelona and Lyon.) I recovered from my slump in Florence during a fun night out with our WWOOFing friend Diego. We picked up Walker and … Continue reading La Dolce Vita