When Friends are Like Family

5 thoughts on “When Friends are Like Family”

  1. Luke,
    I have enjoyed reading about your around the world trip. What a great adventure! It sounds as if you have gotten a great education this year while not in the traditional classroom. Thank you for sharing your facts and photos with all of us back at home.
    Mrs. Cunningham
    Athens Academy teacher


  2. This is fabulous. Wish we could have crossed paths with you to hear about all your adventures. I really
    admire your sense of adventure that has worked so well for your family. Have fun in England and a safe trip home. Hugs. Sandra

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  3. Aww Je suis jalouse! I so envy my jet setting friends who managed to rendezvous half way around the world when our busy US lives leave little time for boulangerie visits with best friends. Love seeing the children (and husbands!) so happy. Miss you both and perhaps we can rendezvous for lunch at Anis or Le Bilbouquet so I can hear the amazing details. Xoxo

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