The Coronavirus Diaries

2 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries”

  1. Thank you Suzanne! Love your challenge goals! Here are some of our family goals during this quarantine time:
    1. Read at least 2 chapters in a choice book and 2 news items and share with one another at dinner.
    2. Spend time outside every day either walking, running, gardening, or playing.
    3. Watch a nature or educational show as a family in the evenings and take turns choosing the show.
    4. Have family devotional time on Sunday mornings where we take turns sharing what we read and then pray together.
    5. Ask ourselves each week how we – as a family – can encourage others … by reaching out to grandparents, friends, and neighbors by sending photos and texts, scheduling FaceTime, and writing letters.

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    1. These are great Candice! I’m going to try and incorporate some for our second spring break week (and beyond!) Miss you guys!


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