Cheers to Champagne and Alsace

Mitch and I managed to take a trip together every summer we were living abroad while Luke was in America for summer camp. In 2020, we were literally on the first flight out of England to Croatia during the pandemic for a few days on Hvar. In 2021, when the world opened a little more, … Continue reading Cheers to Champagne and Alsace

(Es)Cape Town

Luke’s winter “half-term” week off always comes at the perfect time. After the excitement and thrill of the Christmas season, we slog through January in anticipation of a warm weather vacation in mid-February. Almost a year ago, we booked tickets to Cape Town hoping we could get there despite the roller coaster of travel restrictions. … Continue reading (Es)Cape Town

Thoughts on 2021

It’s been another roller coaster of a year, but I’m choosing to focus on all of the positive moments of 2021. Even though we bookended the year with draconian lockdowns and isolating with COVID ourselves, the joy and wonderful memories of our experiences outweigh the pandemic life we continue to navigate. Here are some highlights. … Continue reading Thoughts on 2021

Undiscovered Albania

“Why are you going to Albania???” We heard this refrain over and over as we shared our travel plans for the week of fall break in October 2021. For some, Albania is unfortunately associated with crime and gangs, but this 1990’s stereotype didn’t hinder us from the positive things we had heard from more adventurous … Continue reading Undiscovered Albania

48 Hours in Krakow: A Beautiful City, A Horrible History

Quick, weekend trips to popular European destinations are known as “city breaks” from London, and they are a great way to feel each unique vibe by taking advantage of the cheap flights from the UK. Krakow, Poland was virtually untouched by WWII bombs and retains its glorious Austro-Hungarian architecture with the largest market square in … Continue reading 48 Hours in Krakow: A Beautiful City, A Horrible History