New vs. Normal

Are you in a new season of life, frantically figuring out the unknown? Or are things normal, bordering on dull? I’ve been thinking a lot about these stages as we transitioned this year, and I find that most of life is either one or the other. We are either leaning into the unfamiliar and trying … Continue reading New vs. Normal

Four months in…

In an effort to stay authentic and “virtually” in touch with our friends and family, rather than only give you colorful and smiling snapshots on Instagram, I thought it was time to share the latest on our lives in London. Before we moved, I debated how much to share on social media. It’s truly the … Continue reading Four months in…

Wild at Heart in Wales

I’ve been reading and listening to podcasts lately about raising boys. One theme I hear again and again, especially in this challenging digital/tech era, is about intentional adventure. Seek out adventure and challenges your boys will find exhilarating. Explore new and different places that invigorate the senses so your child will experience adrenaline and joy … Continue reading Wild at Heart in Wales

24 Hours in The Cotswolds

What I love about the English Cotswolds, besides the gorgeous flowers, country homes and bucolic, sheep-filled hillsides, is that you can go again and again and never see the same village twice. There are so many picturesque towns and rambling woodland walks that it’s worth visiting year after year. We hadn’t been in more than … Continue reading 24 Hours in The Cotswolds