All You Need is Love

I heard many times that once you experience Kenya, it never leaves you, but I never expected the friends we met there to be standing in my living room just six months later. After falling in love with the First Love children back in March, we were given the opportunity to host the orphanage directors, … Continue reading All You Need is Love

The Heart of Africa

It seems ironic to think that one of our most joyful stops on our journey was in an orphanage, but it’s true. The boys and girls have come from backgrounds so difficult I can’t imagine, but at First Love they have found a wonderful life of security, education, joy and love. The hearts of the … Continue reading The Heart of Africa

Smiles of Joy

We arrived in Kenya battered and broken. India took it out of us and we had traveled 24 hours by train, taxi and plane by the time we arrived at First Love orphanage outside Nairobi. We were greeted with vibrant blue skies, green trees and warm, joyful smiles. All the smog from our last stop … Continue reading Smiles of Joy