Walk Like an Egyptian

10 thoughts on “Walk Like an Egyptian”

  1. Great job sharing your visit to Egypt, Luke! You helped me to see it through you! I loved the camel pictures–did they stink??


  2. Hey Luke I saw you drinking something what was it?? In costa rica we had so many drinks but my sister and brother both threw it up. Yuck!


    1. Emmeline, It was called Miranda and was like Fanta Orange. So delicious but I can only have it as a special treat! Love, Luke


  3. Hey Luke,thank you for the great post ! I noticed your camel was smiling, he must have enjoyed the ride!! I have a question for you that I have always wanted to know. It is hard to imagine that men could haul those massive blocks very far. Did they make them somewhere else on the property and haul them to put them in place, or did they build them in place. Did they use some sort of measurement for each block or just estimate? Also, did they build the tombs around the stuff or put the stuff in later? Thank you if you have time to answer. The pyramids have always been one of my most intriguing historical wonders. So glad you are having such a great time. Mary Lorraine and Bell are here on their first beach trip. I think she is going to like it!! We love you! Dia,Poppy and all the gang🐫🐫


    1. Dia, Great questions! They quarried the rocks about 10K away and floated them on rafts down the Nile during the flood season. The rocks were cut into different sizes and pulled them up to the site by a sled in the sand. They used measuring tools to make the blocks very precise. The whole pyramid is completely squared, down to one inch! They put all the stuff into the tombs later when the pharaoh died. Love, Luke


  4. Hi Luke! I asked my mom where you were today and I really liked getting to read about your visit to the pyramids! Where are you headed next?? From, Price Swann


  5. Hey Luke,
    What a great post!! The first graders cannot believe the pictures of Stripes in from of the pyramids. They all said “wow!! Lucky!!” I am amazed at the pyramids up close. They seem so heavy and big–way bigger than I expected. What are they made of? It looked like you were the only family visiting that day! Did you go inside them?? So so cool. We miss you so much!! Love, Becca.


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