The Secret Track in the Fields

I’ve been reading the Hardy Boys series during our trip, and it was no coincidence that there was a mystery waiting for us at Le Fattizze farm in Italy. As we drove near the entrance, we heard a strange sound. It was like a jet airplane, but nothing was in the sky. We slowed the … Continue reading The Secret Track in the Fields

Descending Dragon Bay

Ha Long means “descending dragon” because there is a Vienamese myth that a dragon mom and her babies came down to earth and made huge rock karsts (like mountains) in the sea to protect Vietnam from intruders. We visited Ha Long Bay on a small ship and cruised through the islands. During our visit, we … Continue reading Descending Dragon Bay

Temple Run

About 1,000 years ago, Angkor was the capital of Cambodia. When Angkor had 1 million residents, London had only 50,000. They built hundreds of temples with large stones quarried 50 kilometers away and floated down the river by raft. The ruins that remain today are an adventure to explore. It looks like a scene from the … Continue reading Temple Run

Loving the Eles

We had a fun time at Elephant Nature Park (ENP) taking care of the elephants. They are very cute and you can pet them. My favorite elephants were Jokia and Maepurm. They are BFFs because Jokia is completely blind. She came from a logging industry and when she didn’t do her work, her mahout shot … Continue reading Loving the Eles

Rutledge Academy

I’ve been keeping up with my schoolwork from Athens Academy, but learning lots of other things as part of my second grade. Daddy and I created a logo for my learning around the world. Here are some of the things I’ve learned so far: There are 1,500 species of fish in the Great Barrier Reef. … Continue reading Rutledge Academy