Tigers in tuk tuks, Trains in the Taj and TaTa Trucks

18 thoughts on “Tigers in tuk tuks, Trains in the Taj and TaTa Trucks”

  1. Bays says we are about to do our school play on Friday. It is about hats. I have my last basketball game this morning. My team is undefeated. Have fun in Africa. Please tell us about the animals you see.


  2. Hey Luke! This is Reese. We have just started baseball this week. We are plying machine pitch and have practice this morning. I’m about to go throw the baseball with my dad. We miss you!

    Hey Luke!
    This is Charlie. Those pictures are so cool! I wish I could go to the Taj Mahal house. Our play is coming up on March 4. It’s about hats. Reese and I are baseball players, and Jonathan is the umpire. For spring break, we’re going to ski in Colorado. I can’t wait to see the big mountains and snow! I wish I could do a trip around the world like you. Hope you’re having fun!


  3. Hey Luke! This is Mrs richardson – it sounds like you are having a great time traveling! ! We are one week away from spring break but it isn’t very warm here. The spartan baseball team had their first game this week and they won! The uga baseball team is playing too and starting off pretty good. The spartan soccer team is also off to a good start ( but mrs. Bill mayer can tell you more about that!)
    I love the pictures you posted and especially like the different animals you have seen. Africa will be full of amazing animals so I can’t wait to hear what you find there! Be safe and tell your mom and dad hi from me!!


    1. Hi Mrs. Richardson, Thanks so much for writing. I’m excited to hear about all the sports. Mom told me about Drew’s scholarship. That’s so awesome! Happy Spring Break. Love, Luke


  4. Hey Luke this is Emmeline,
    Love the animals all so wonderful!! We are starting writing test soon and you will be good at it. Lots to write. Sorry I did not ask before but did you see any Koalas in Australia. They are my favorite. Hope you keep having fun and being you!!


  5. Luke, I’m so glad you enjoyed India and noticed the differences in home and India. Makes you thankful, huh? Did you make any new friends that you can keep up with through the years?


    1. The friends I made in Jaipur were Anushka and Akkoo. We shared addresses so we can write to each other. Love and miss you! Luke


  6. Hey Luke,This is Emerson.I noticed that there was a lot of trash in the street.Why was that?Did you know that I am going to Disney World for spring break?Bebop and she and taking me and my mom is going too.we just found out.I am going to go on a safari there in the animal kingdom but I am sure it is not as cool as what you will see in AFRICA!!Did you go inside that big church in the picture?My mom said you went to one of the 7 wonders of the world.Are you going to see anymore?How did it feel to ride on the bunk of the sleeper car?Was it fun?I think it would feel like sleeping on your own bed!i miss you alot and you wont believe how big atlas is now.so big i cant pick her up.=!she is almost as big as Britty!i really miss you and please write me back.love emerson


    1. Hi Emerson! Thanks for writing. To answer your question about the trash, people don’t know how to put it in trashcans. I don’t to give it away, but Disney World is going to be awesome! The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders but it’s not a church. It’s where the emperor and his wife are buried. I’m sad I won’t get to pick up Atlas! Miss you lots. Love, Luke


  7. Hi Luke! So cool .. I agree on the littering and honking … Can’t wait for you get back even though I’m sure your having more fun!


  8. Hi Luke and Suzanne,

    The lower school students started studying Kenya in world languages this week! We would love to connect with you while you are visiting Kenya. Email me: acoleman@athensacademy.org
    Maybe we can facetime, google hangout, or just enjoy your blog posts from our classroom! We will be in school through Friday then off for a week. Enjoy!!

    Allison Coleman


  9. Hi Luke! This is Campbell, Max, and Kate. We love seeing your pictures and reading your reports of where you have been. The trash sounds gross. The Taj Mahal was amazing and so big. Campbell lost one of her bottom front teeth the other day so the tooth fairy came to see her. Tonight we are going to a fun game night at church where we will play games and eat pizza. Have you had any pizza lately?
    We love you and miss you!


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