It’s the People, people

9 thoughts on “It’s the People, people”

  1. I love, love, love SO much about this, I can’t even tell you! Wait, Mitch-chappati instead of naan in India?? chappati comes from Kenya! Lukey bear can have chai with me drinking coffee during our “early morning” talkathons”!
    Flexible to the point of being fluid….so glad you were not in Delhi airport when this happened! SomeOne must be taking care of you 😉!


  2. Lots of Georgia love headed your way! We miss you guys and love reading about all your adventures!! Suzanne, did you pick a book for Hong Kong?
    The Kelly family


    1. Miss you guys too! I read The Expatriates for HK and Holy Cow for India (wouldn’t recommend either really). Just started Out of Africa for Kenya! Would still recommend When Broken Glass Floats from Cambodia. Great, harrowing story. Hugs to you!


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