Rutledge Academy

3 thoughts on “Rutledge Academy”

  1. Bravo Luke! You are learning some great life skills! It isn’t always easy converting/exchanging currencies, especially without an app to help you! I bet you are learning even more than you have written on this post! How do you say hello in Thai? I can’t wait for you to cook us some Thai food when you get hone!



  2. Wow Luke! Great Logo!!! I think I would like to attend Rutledge Academy when you get home. Do you think I can? You are learning such amazing things! You will certainly be ready for our global world when you go out into it as an adult. Special times for such a special guy! We miss you! Emerson got her new puppy but she had parvovirus virus so she had to go back to the breeder hospital last night. She was a little sad but I think she is going to be ok. Do you see any dogs over there? Keep soaking up all those new things so you can share with us when you get home. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year wherever you are! Love, Dia and Poppy


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