Tuk Tuk Thailand

10 thoughts on “Tuk Tuk Thailand”

  1. Find a rambutan and let me know how you like it!! It is red, hairy and the insides remind me of muscadines🤓PS I beat Skeet at Rummikub tonight! Nana


  2. Ahh it brings back many memories from my first trips to Bangkok… It really is an assault on the senses isn’t it! It took several trips to make sense of some of it and feel more comfortable, but once you do it is pretty amazing. Don’t tell me you ate some Durian! (saw it in a picture). All the Thai’s would tend to stare at Dailey and Austin as well, especially Austin for some reason, so I’m sure you’re sensing that with Luke a bit… Welcome to Real Asia!


      1. I have had a bite or two, but yes an acquired taste… Some Singaporeans and Malays absolutely LOVE it. Most hotels in Singapore and Malaysia (and Thailand) have a sign saying “No Durian” (actually a picture of the Durian with a cross through it) because they smell so bad…


  3. Suz,  I sent the Excel for Luke to make my picks. I forgot to remind you that Becky does not care about the point spread. I only put them in there for reference. I love you!!

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  4. This is awesome! Way to go Luke for trying all those foods!!! I can’t imagine what Emerson would eat there. Love that quote. So fitting. Miss you love you yall. Hope we can skype/FaceTime soon!


    1. Haha! He only tried the pork. But he’s been eating Thai food every night. Thank goodness for chicken satay skewers, rice and noodles! He loves the fruit smoothies too.


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