I’m afraid to share this with you

You may have clicked on this because of the title, but to our friends who have been to Croatia, I am upset that you didn’t convince us to come here sooner. And to our friends who haven’t been to Croatia yet, YOU NEED TO GO! I am afraid to tell you how amazing our last few … Continue reading I’m afraid to share this with you

Coffee, Cars and Cool

Zagreb was our first stop in Croatia, a country of only 4 million people, but 3,000 miles of coastline. We started in the landlocked capital city (which isn’t on most people’s list of stops, but should be) and immediately felt the vibe of its cool, coffee culture. They are LAID. BACK. It’s a University town … Continue reading Coffee, Cars and Cool

First World Problems

Without intending to, it seems we had given up the first world for Lent. We were anxiously anticipating clean, modern and beautiful European cities when we arrived in Istanbul last week. And it delivered. We love the walkable cobblestone streets and sidewalk cafes, the beautiful parks and historic sites, the kind and friendly people. Istanbul is … Continue reading First World Problems

The Glass is Half Full

We are officially halfway through our family adventure.  As expected, some days we feel we have been gone an eternity and some days it feels like we left just yesterday.  We have had some amazing experiences.  We have collected memories we will remember forever.  We felt we needed to put together a first half superlatives … Continue reading The Glass is Half Full