What’s our Why?

12 thoughts on “What’s our Why?”

  1. Mitch, Suzanne and Luke – Sue Ellen and I wish you all a safe journey. May the love you share for each other and for God provide guidance and protection along the way. Having just finished yet another SAS conference I must admit your website intros bring both a sense of jealousy and admiration. Mitch you know I too share the travel bug and perhaps our paths will cross in some far corner of this amazing planet we share over the next 9 months. Luke, you are a lucky boy – take lots of pictures as they will help keep the memories of this amazing trip with your mom and dad fresh for the rest of your life. Good luck, Bon voyage and God’s speed. With much love, Greg & Sue Ellen.


  2. So excited for you, and cannot wait to hear all about your new adventures! much love and safe travels, sweet friends…Kery, Whitney, William, Michael, and Mary Frances


  3. What an awesome experience you are about to embark on. We’re so excited to be part of it on one of your first stops along the way! If only we could have convinced you to stay a bit longer… Looking forward to seeing you all in just over two weeks! Safe travels- from The Gillies


  4. Bon Voyage!! Your blog is awe inspiring. What an amazing trip and worthy goals. Prayers for a safe and happy journey. May you accomplish all you have set out to and much more.
    Best wishes,
    Carmen Platt


  5. I love reading about your trips. I would like your thoughts (organizationally) about how you would do it if you could not take off the 9 months. What if you had done “mini trips”. I want to travel with my sons but am unsure where to go (with kids) or what to do while we are there that is more than just visiting.
    Lawrenceville, Georgia


    1. Thanks Chris! I think mini trips are definitely doable. If you are on a budget, SE Asia is fantastic and we enjoyed Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Depending on how long you can go, you could do that group in 2 weeks to three months. We also loved Croatia and would recommend a Croatia/Southern Italy trip. We took the ferry from Dubronik to Bari and loved Puglia and Sicily. If you have more questions, feel free to email me at suzannerutledge@gmail.com. Enjoy your travels!


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