Keeping it Riel

2 thoughts on “Keeping it Riel”

  1. I’m right there with you today my dear! On my extreme birthday I traveled 36 hours on 4 planes, ran through 2 airports., pushed through immigrations with a smile, praising God all the way but fussing about schedules not kept by those we paid $$$. Our host welcomed us with wonderful food and warnings about food to come from other places and not to drink the water!! Headed to worship the One true God in unity in far and distant places. My heart is bursting to meet these Believers from across the world and have new sisters in Christ! It is the PEOPLE we encounter that make it count! I hope Luke gets to share the bridge with new friends.


  2. What you are doing, many of us just dream of! Kudos to you all keep the stories coming and cherish each and every memory!


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