Lost by Day, Saved by Night

8 thoughts on “Lost by Day, Saved by Night”

  1. God shows up at the right time, all the time! SO glad He guided your path to some friendly fellow believers. Tell them to take good care of ya’ll. AND don’t worry about the filth, we can clean you up when you get home! :o) Love and so proud of all of you! Kimsey


  2. Welcome to some of my other worlds!!! Being in a third world country is very hard, especially when your world is as extravagant and lavish as ours is. Keep looking at their eyes and hearts. Sharing the One you know, whenever possible, is the way to make an eternal difference in their lives.


  3. Wow. Just wow. “Stay strong little root” (Chris Farley reference) If it means anything, I truly appreciate the honesty and vulnerability in this post. You guys are amazing.


  4. You guys are amazing espesalliy Luke. On the bright side the city is a really pretty city so wonderful and I bet the culture is wonderful. Hope ya’ll will not let it stop you from your other places. so just make the best of it.


    1. Thanks Emmeline! We visited a few schools today and I got to ride horses there. Pretty cool Special, huh? We miss you! Luke


  5. wow. hearing your words let me know all my friends who have gone before did not lie. wow. and you made us laugh outloud about Luke being ok with it- what a resilient kid. 🙂


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