Four months in…

8 thoughts on “Four months in…”

  1. Love this! We are missing our neighbors so much, but love how happy you are! The tree we both love is just about to hit peak color at the top of the street, and I think about you every time I turn into Beech Creek Dr. Love to your boys, too!

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  2. Loved getting a real life update. Happy to hear that y’all are happy – and praying for Luke to embrace the whole experience. And it sounds like you’re too busy for a job! Love you, friend!

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  3. Ahhh, love this even though we miss you so. G’s 45th bday outing won’t be complete without the Rutledges. 😢 But, I’m so glad you’re so happy. Can’t wait to see you in January! Sending lots of love and big hugs! ❤️

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