Leave the Gun, Take the Cannolis

6 thoughts on “Leave the Gun, Take the Cannolis”

  1. Rule #1 when in Sicily: Never, never let Fabrizio pack the luggage… Have really enjoyed following your adventures via the blog. What an experience for all of you, as well as for those you have met on the journey. Safe travels over the summer, and look forward to catching up on your return.

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  2. Luke:
    I liked the race car track and you standing on the wall. What a neat picture! I see you have visited some really cool places and they all seem fun. What’s been your favorite?

    Love, Charlie

    Have you seen any cool instruments on your trip? We just had our strings concert today.

    Love, Reese


    1. Charlie, My favorite stop has still been the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Reese, We haven’t sent any different instruments than back home, but I enjoyed beating the drum while singing with my friends at the orphanage in Kenya! Thanks for writing! Luke


  3. Rule #2, when you hear someone yelping like a donkey, they are coming for you! Great post. I’ve always been fascinated with Sicily. We didn’t have the same Christmas tradition but I certainly learned a lot watching the re-runs by my father. Keep an eye out for Luca Brasi….


    1. It’s funny how many classic lines come from those movies. Hope you guys have an awesome camp summer. Can’t wait to catch up when we are both back in Athens.


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