The Glass is Half Full

We are officially halfway through our family adventure.  As expected, some days we feel we have been gone an eternity and some days it feels like we left just yesterday.  We have had some amazing experiences.  We have collected memories we will remember forever.  We felt we needed to put together a first half superlatives … Continue reading The Glass is Half Full

Have Faith

To me, India is very shocking.  I have thought about the best way to describe it and that is the word that I think does it best for me.  Where we have been in India is so different from all the other countries we have visited and dramatically different from the U.S.  It is very … Continue reading Have Faith

Hue too Rainy

On recommendation from several people, we took an unscheduled side trip to the town of Hue (Pronounced “Whey”).  We had two open nights on our itinerary and heard there were some nice sites, a beautiful train journey to get there and some history related to the Vietnam War.  We agree the train journey was beautiful … Continue reading Hue too Rainy