Beauty in Brokenness

6 thoughts on “Beauty in Brokenness”

  1. Really enjoy following your journey and this is a very good write up with incredible pictures! What a trip. Really hope we get to meet all of you at some point.


  2. I have followed your blogs and lived vicariously through your journey . Your family embraces life and the life source, Jesus. It is refreshing and powerful to recognize Him among us. He certainly lives within you and your family. Thank you for sharing your adventures and photos. It has been an amazing adventure for your family!


  3. What an amazing post. Of course I’m in tears about the sadness in Athens. Can’t believe you know the girls/ Agnes. Bless them all. And bless you sweet fronds. We love you and truly look forward to every blog post so we can follow along from Atlanta. Love love love you all!!!


  4. Thinking of you today! Heading to Athens for the Grady Gala and meetings. I’ll miss seeing you my friends. The girls are always asking about their friend Luke – not the one from Westchester, but the one traveling the world. Love it.


    1. Hello to the Cushing family! Hope to see you guys in the fall. Luke says hi to the girls and have a great summer!


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