WWOOF, WWOOF, Life on the Farm

7 thoughts on “WWOOF, WWOOF, Life on the Farm”

  1. What a special experience you guys had. SO COOl! I admire your willingness to plunge yourselves into this when it would have been so easy to “take a tour” without getting your hands dirty. I really enjoy following your journey and hopefully you guys can make it back out to First Love in Kenya again at some point. I would be more than happy to arrange a Kenyan WWOOFing experience for you. hehe…


    1. It is my hope and desire to get back to those precious kids at FL soon! We would love to meet you. Thanks for following us!


  2. I’ve heard of WWOOFing before, but was uncertain if it was something that a family could do. I was so excited to read about your experience! This looks like such an awesome was to immerse yourself in a culture!


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