Hue too Rainy

On recommendation from several people, we took an unscheduled side trip to the town of Hue (Pronounced “Whey”).  We had two open nights on our itinerary and heard there were some nice sites, a beautiful train journey to get there and some history related to the Vietnam War.  We agree the train journey was beautiful … Continue reading Hue too Rainy

Temple Run

About 1,000 years ago, Angkor was the capital of Cambodia. When Angkor had 1 million residents, London had only 50,000. They built hundreds of temples with large stones quarried 50 kilometers away and floated down the river by raft. The ruins that remain today are an adventure to explore. It looks like a scene from the … Continue reading Temple Run

Keeping it Riel

Each day Asia finds some way to nudge me out of my comfort zone, and I’m learning to expect and even appreciate it. I was none too happy to leave frenetic Bangkok, but it meant a nine-hour, overland journey by bus into Cambodia. Mitch had researched the route diligently, but it was a nerve-wracking decision to … Continue reading Keeping it Riel